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Sea of Tranquility reviews Prog 2010!

Prog 2010 bookNoted prog-rock website Sea of Tranquility recently reviewed Hash and Gordon’s Prog 2010 book. Here’s an excerpt from their review:

“Tommy Hash and Rev. Keith A. Gordon are no strangers to rock music journalism. Nashville-based Tommy Hash is known for his work in the website Ytsejam.com and the Melodic Rock Fanzine over the last decade-plus, and Rev. Keith A. Gordon is known for his four decades of experience writing for Blurt Magazine, All Music, Creem, Harp Magazine, and Big O Magazine, among others. The two prestigious critics have recently teamed together to write Prog 2010 – a highly informative book featuring interviews, reviews, and detailed essays about the most recent decade of progressive rock. Prog 2010 also spends some time talking about 70’s progressive rock through “The Golden Age” essay, which provides as a great introduction into the most recent decade of prog rock. People who are looking to learn about more about prog rock and metal in the 21st century should definitely check out this well-written book!”

“All in all, Prog 2010 is an excellent read for anybody with an interest in the modern progressive rock scene. There’s nothing better than experiencing the genre through the eyes of two of the rock music’s most accomplished journalists, and Prog 2010 just reeks of professionalism and class! This is a highly recommended purchase that I’ve had a fantastic time reading, and I think most fans would feel the same way. This book is 387 pages of well-written music journalism, and even though it may contain a few sections that aren’t of interest to its intended audience, this is a largely excellent read for any progressive rock fan. For $17.99 from Excitable Press, this one may as well be labeled an essential purchase!”

Check out the full review at Sea of Tranquility, and click on the book cover above to order Prog 2010 from Amazon.com!