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Alt.Culture.Guide v1Right click on the book cover and choose ‘Save Link As’ to download a FREE PDF copy of Alt.Culture.Guide v1, the first collection of material from the popular early ’00s music webzine. Out-of-print since 2008, Alt.Culture.Guide v1 includes interviews with Wayne Kramer of the MC5, heavy-metal funkateer T.M. Stevens, and bluesman Richard Johnston; “A Critic’s Guide to the New Rock Sound” and “In Defense of the White Bluesman”; and over 100 record reviews covering punk, heavy metal, blues, alt-country, rap, and rock music.

Edited by Bill Glahn and Rev. Keith A. Gordon, published in 2003 by Anthem Pop/Kult Publishing. If you like what you see in this free download, please consider buying a print copy of Alt.Culture.Guide v1 at the special price of $7.00 by hitting the “buy now” button below. A limited number of copies are available, so this is your last chance to grab a copy of this 148-page trade paperback.

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