About Excitable Press

Rev. Keith A. GordonExcitable Press is an independent book publishing company located in WNY, specializing in books on music, alternative culture, leftist politics, technology, and weird stuff (conspiracy theory, UFOs, etc).

Rev. Keith A. Gordon is the founder of Excitable Press. An award-winning music journalist, a technology writer, poet, prophet, photographer, and admitted computer geek, Gordon’s words have appeared in over 100 publications worldwide, the “Reverend of Rock ‘n’ Roll” writing about such topics as music (classic rock, blues, heavy metal); technology (computers, electronics); the media; and politics.

One of the primary creative forces behind Anthem Pop/Kult Publishing, Gordon has co-authored three volumes collecting material from the popular Alt.Culture.Guide music webzine. Gordon is also the author of Rock Talk, a collection of the Reverend’s interviews with musicians, and Trademark of Quality, a collection of CD and DVD reviews and other material. TMQ is available to download for FREE in PDF format!

If you have an idea for a book, contact us by email: books (@) excitablepress.com

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