Excitable Press is looking for Writers!

Excitable Press logoExcitable Press, a small independent book publishing company headquartered in WNY, is looking for writers.

Conventional wisdom says that traditional book publishing is dying, much like the music business. We don’t agree! We think that there’s a place in the world for a small alternative publisher to fill certain niches. That’s Excitable Press.

To be honest, we have no money for advances and your royalties will most likely be minimal. What we can do is publish your book, make it look great, and make it available for distribution to booksellers in the United States and the UK, and online through Amazon.com.

Although Excitable Press is a new publisher, the company’s founder has over 30 years experience in writing and publishing, everything from music zines and nationally-distributed business magazines to books covering a wide range of subjects.

We’re not a vanity press, and we won’t ask you for a dime up front. We’ll look over your proposal, figure out a budget for printing, production, and marketing, and split the net profits with you 50% – 50%. Because we’re not a deep-pockets NYC publisher, we’re choosy in what we’ll publish, and we’re only interested in the following subjects:

Music (rock ‘n’ roll, blues, heavy metal, prog-rock)

Alternative Culture (comix, motorcycles, tattooing, outsider art)

Leftist Politics

Technology (hacking, computer security)

Weird Stuff (conspiracy theory, UFOs, etc)

We’re NOT interested in books on the latest pop music diva, right wing political crap, celebrity tell-alls, or poetry, so don’t bother to even ask. We ARE interested in fresh perspectives in the areas we’ve listed above, so feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Mainstream book publishers are running scared. Not us, ’cause we’re excited! If you’re excited, too, and want to see your book in print, contact us by email: books (at) excitablepress.com.

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