Progression magazine reviews Prog 2010

Progression, the long-standing prog-rock magazine, has reviewed Prog 2010 in their Autumn 2011 issue. Check out the Progression website for back issues.

There can never be too many books about progressive music, and here’s why: the genre is so vast that no two observers share exactly the same perspective on how it’s defined let along what artists are involved, past or present. So the more “angles” you get on the subject, the broader your general base of knowledge.

This work by Americans Tommy Hash and Rev. Keith Gordon is subtitled A Decade of Progressive Rock & Metal 2001-2010. Hash and Gordon subjectively cherry-picked interviews and album reviews from that period to illustrate their take on why, as noted in the intro, “The [past decade] has been the best for progressive rock, arguably, since the golden age of the 1970s.” Purporting to be neither scholarly treatise nor comprehensive reference work, Prog 2010 is a compendium of “magazine-style” pieces that invites skipping around to whatever catches your eye.

You likely will enjoy reading more about personal favorites and hopefully will make an interesting discover or two. Artists both familiar and curiously unfamiliar are included among the 36 interviews. Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson, The Tangent, Pallas, IQ, Kino, Klaus Schulze, etc., share the pages with much lesser-knowns Six Gallery, Thunder, Crazy Lixx, Another Tragedy and Gronholm, among others. The CD reviews follow suit.

The book is a black-and-white mid-sized paperback, illustrated with small photos and CD booklet art. Introductory essays on “What Is Progressive Rock?” and “The Golden Years: Best Prog of the ’70s” offer helpful context to newbies but little for the seasoned diehard. A more comprehensive table of contents and tighter overall editing would’ve helped the presentation, but those are minor concerns. – John Collinge, Progression

Sea of Tranquility reviews Prog 2010!

Prog 2010 bookNoted prog-rock website Sea of Tranquility recently reviewed Hash and Gordon’s Prog 2010 book. Here’s an excerpt from their review:

“Tommy Hash and Rev. Keith A. Gordon are no strangers to rock music journalism. Nashville-based Tommy Hash is known for his work in the website and the Melodic Rock Fanzine over the last decade-plus, and Rev. Keith A. Gordon is known for his four decades of experience writing for Blurt Magazine, All Music, Creem, Harp Magazine, and Big O Magazine, among others. The two prestigious critics have recently teamed together to write Prog 2010 – a highly informative book featuring interviews, reviews, and detailed essays about the most recent decade of progressive rock. Prog 2010 also spends some time talking about 70’s progressive rock through “The Golden Age” essay, which provides as a great introduction into the most recent decade of prog rock. People who are looking to learn about more about prog rock and metal in the 21st century should definitely check out this well-written book!”

“All in all, Prog 2010 is an excellent read for anybody with an interest in the modern progressive rock scene. There’s nothing better than experiencing the genre through the eyes of two of the rock music’s most accomplished journalists, and Prog 2010 just reeks of professionalism and class! This is a highly recommended purchase that I’ve had a fantastic time reading, and I think most fans would feel the same way. This book is 387 pages of well-written music journalism, and even though it may contain a few sections that aren’t of interest to its intended audience, this is a largely excellent read for any progressive rock fan. For $17.99 from Excitable Press, this one may as well be labeled an essential purchase!”

Check out the full review at Sea of Tranquility, and click on the book cover above to order Prog 2010 from!

Tommy Hash and Rev. Gordon unveil PROG 2010!

Prog 2010 bookProgressive rock fell out of favor with the mainstream audience decades ago, but the genre has managed to thrive and survive in the rock music underground, picking up steam in recent years and appealing to an entire generation of young new fans searching for honest music.

Prog 2010 covers a “A Decade of Progressive Rock & Metal 2001-2010” and features hundreds of album reviews and artist interviews with some of the best and the brightest prog talents from the first decade of the new progressive century. Among the artists interviewed, you’ll find Steve Hackett, Steve Babb (Glass Hammer), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Devon Townsend, Neal Morse, and many more, as well as reviews of over 100 CDs, essays, and a list of “essential prog-rock recordings.”

Authors Tommy Hash and Rev. Keith A. Gordon have been covering prog rock for years in spite of the ridicule of prog non-believers.

The “Hashman” has been preaching the gospel of underground music through various print magazines and online for better than a decade, including notable prog website and Melodic Rock music zine. Rev. Keith A. Gordon is an award-winning rock critic and music journalist with four decades experience walking the pop culture beat.

Click on the book cover to order your copy of Prog 2010 from, or on the button below to order directly from the publisher. Cost is $17.99 U.S. for postpaid shipping to the United States and Canada; $25.00 for shipping to European countries.

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FREE copy of Trademark of Quality book!

Trademark of Quality bookRight click on the book cover and choose ‘Save Link As’ to download a FREE PDF copy of Trademark of Quality, a collection of the Rev. Keith A. Gordon’s music writing (and more) from the former TMQ music blog. If you enjoy the book, please consider buying a copy (332pp trade paperback) at a special price of $12.00 postpaid!

Included in the collection are reviews of albums and DVDs by Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Burzum, the Doors, Ducks Deluxe, Glenn Hughes, Ian Hunter, Nils Lofgren, Nick Lowe, Graham Parker, the Rockets, Ringo Starr, the Traveling Wilburys and many more! Plus reviews of books by Rick Johnson, Rick Popoff, Dave Thompson, and others as well as an exclusive interview with Dave Cousins of Strawbs, and a “Beginner’s Guide to Burke,” covering the popular series by Andrew Vachss.

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Alt.Culture.Guide v2 Copies Available

Alt.Culture.Guide v2We have run across a limited number of quantities of Alt.Culture.Guide v2, which collects material from the popular early ’00s music webzine. Edited by Rev. Keith A. Gordon and Tommy Hash, the bookzine’s theme this time is “The Return of Prog-Rock/Prog-Metal,” and it features interviews with artists like Neal Morse, Kotipelto, Roinie Stolt of the Flower Kings, Rich West of Threshold, Andy Kuntz of Abydos, Jerry Gaskill of King’s X, and many more!

Alt.Culture.Guide v2 also includes over 100 book, CD, and DVD reviews, anti-RIAA rants from the Reverend, and other groovy stuff. Published in 2005 by Anthem Pop/Kult publishing and out-of-print since 2009, this is your last chance to purchase this 204-page trade paperback at a special price of $8.00 postpaid!

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Excitable Press is looking for Writers!

Excitable Press logoExcitable Press, a small independent book publishing company headquartered in WNY, is looking for writers.

Conventional wisdom says that traditional book publishing is dying, much like the music business. We don’t agree! We think that there’s a place in the world for a small alternative publisher to fill certain niches. That’s Excitable Press.

To be honest, we have no money for advances and your royalties will most likely be minimal. What we can do is publish your book, make it look great, and make it available for distribution to booksellers in the United States and the UK, and online through

Although Excitable Press is a new publisher, the company’s founder has over 30 years experience in writing and publishing, everything from music zines and nationally-distributed business magazines to books covering a wide range of subjects.

We’re not a vanity press, and we won’t ask you for a dime up front. We’ll look over your proposal, figure out a budget for printing, production, and marketing, and split the net profits with you 50% – 50%. Because we’re not a deep-pockets NYC publisher, we’re choosy in what we’ll publish, and we’re only interested in the following subjects:

Music (rock ‘n’ roll, blues, heavy metal, prog-rock)

Alternative Culture (comix, motorcycles, tattooing, outsider art)

Leftist Politics

Technology (hacking, computer security)

Weird Stuff (conspiracy theory, UFOs, etc)

We’re NOT interested in books on the latest pop music diva, right wing political crap, celebrity tell-alls, or poetry, so don’t bother to even ask. We ARE interested in fresh perspectives in the areas we’ve listed above, so feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Mainstream book publishers are running scared. Not us, ’cause we’re excited! If you’re excited, too, and want to see your book in print, contact us by email: books (at)